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Production and marketing industry - is a constantly developing and expanding process that needs the latest high-tech facilities and an involvement of highly qualified staff . Ltd "OKTION" is one of the biggest and most reliable producer of frozen bakery goods .

Distinctive parts of our production are constant quality control, and the use of only natural ingridients , pure crops and a strict accordance to the recipe.

Ltd "OKTION" presents a wide range ofvarious baked goods . All of our products are being made with the use of top quality domestically produced flour . As fillers , only natural fillings are used in order to satisfy the taste of any such product customer .

We offer a wide product range , which is why , among our products you can find :
  1. Sweet pastry (muffins , cookies , and donuts) .
  2. butter yeast dough goods ("vatrushka" , "kulebyaka" , and patties with various fillings,from the cottage cheese to meat , chicken) .
  3. Puff products (croissants, puffs and "khachapuri" , "pigtails" ) .
  4. Filo dough goods ( rolls , pigtails and "snails" with a wide range of fillings).
  5. Semimanufactures for microwaving ( sausage rolls , fried patties , "cheburek" , "belyash")
  6. Half-backed bread ( various kinds of bread , frozen for a later baking and putting on a counter )
Producing bakery goods , we make goods with various compositions , mass and shape , which is the reason for our baked goods satisfying even the needs and wants of the most demanding customers .

If you became interested in our products , you are welcome to place an order . A more detailed information is available through phone or e-mail . All suggestions and requests will be considered and evaluated as soon as the order was placed .