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LLC Oction  is a developing enterprise in a baked goods industry, and that is why we didnt want to stop at production and selling to single hands, due to a high level of competition and willing to stand out, in order to attract more business partners and present our company from a different, distinct angle.

We are inviting to cooperate retailers with aim to enlarge our productions, increase our income and recommend ourselves as an exelent company.

Why us?

1) Of course there are is a huge number of likewise producers, howewer we are encouraging to work with us due to the use of advanced modern equipment. Despite the overall production process upgrade, we are sticking to strict formulation of the bakery process. History of such production counts several thousands of years and that is why ambitious recipies that contain perfect flavor combinations remain untouched and unchanged in our production.

2) We are well experienced in baked goods industry which is the reason for an everyday growing numbers who enjou our products.

3) Many thanks to our highly qualified specialists we make products that our customers will find more than satisfying. Company represents a big family where each member tries her best to do the job perfectly, and has an active life position. We will be happy to widen our circle of friends any time.

4) From the start of our activity we are energetically taking part in various competitions and fairs. More than once we too first and second places, and various sertificates confirm our rediness to more forward, growing and perfecting.

We hope that you find safe, reliable partners in us, and we will be happy for a long term cooperation with you!